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Ukraine. Long arm shooting guard, athletic, high IQ, shooter first driver second, good intercepter and stealer, potentially can play in pro basketball

Belorus. Power forward, athletic, long arm, agressive in defense, likes play P&R, good rebounder in both side of the court

Russia. Athletic, aggressive, outstanding offensive rebounder, sprints hard in transition as she is the first option, good perimeter screener, can’t score stable from distance

Tall skinny post, good skill set, like to score after PR play in the perimeter, very strong in block shot defence, rebounder, member of youth national team

Long athletic Forward that plays 5 position, active on both ends of the floor, lacks in skill but makes up for it with how hard and aggressive she plays. Scores 6 ft and in, very aggressive in offensive rebound, runs the floor hard in transition

Post that looks to seal hard or cut and play with 3 feet in paint and ability to face and play off bounce or middle range shot, good rim protector , can play on pro level potentially

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